Brasilianische Missionsgemeinde

Welcome to the Brazilian Missionsgemeinde Karlsruhe eV!

Is there a situation in which YOU ASK yourself in your life: Is that all? Occupation, recognition, money, a car, relationship, etc. And you feel that all these things are not all that count in life. Right. There is something else: Faith.

And exactly at this point you get stuck. And suddenly you realize that you want to change this point in your life.

At this point and in this way we want to go with you. We want to believe with you and pray to show you that God change many things in your life and you can develop a new perspective in life. A life of faith and prayer.

We are a community in faith and prayer, a community with brothers and sisters. Come to us. Get your life again, going with us your new path to God.

The Brazilian Missionsgemeinde Karlsruhe in 76229 Karlsruhe Grötzingen at Christ Chapel in the Mühlstraße 9. Services are held at 16:00 on Saturdays and Tuesdays at 15:00 instead.

We are happy that you're coming.